The Time for Innovation Is Now

Earlier this week I was talking with a friend who is also an educator. I inquired about how her child’s school year was going. My friend proceeded to share her frustrations, not because her child was having a rough start but because her child is in 2nd grade, reads and comprehends at a 6th grade level, yet is bored in class.

This scenario isn’t new for gifted kids, high achieving kids, or even kids who struggle with learning. In fact, it’s human nature to turn to boredom when we are put into situations where we aren’t challenged or interested. So how do we as teachers, coaches, administrators, and educators break the cycle of boredom? … INNOVATION!

Again, this [innovation] isn’t new for most educators. We’ve heard that we need to be innovative, but are we taking action? Are we trying innovative things in our classrooms, schools, professional learning sessions, etc.? Are we encouraging, inspiring, and fostering innovation in our students, our colleagues, our PLN? The time for innovation is now!

Definition of InnovationBy definition, innovation means to try something new and in order to try something new we must be willing to change. Now I’m not saying we need to change everything we do in our classrooms or schools, but I am saying try one new thing. If we each make one change and try a new idea or teaching strategy, it is a step towards innovation.

It may even be a step towards breaking the boredom cycle! Ask your students for input on making a list of things they can do when they finish early, or better yet, ask them for input on how they want to learn the lesson objective. Whatever it is that you decide to try, however you decide to be innovative, do it today! Stop waiting and take innovative action! Our kids need us to change things up!

THIS IS THE DAY and the time for innovation is now!

This Is the Day!

Last night, as I often do before drifting off to sleep, I was reflecting on my day, thinking about my goals, and saying my prayers. One of my goals has been to start a new blog, but I have been uncertain about what I want my focus to be. I want my blog to be different, profound, and one that will keep readers coming back! You see previously, I blogged random thoughts about my family and other adventures but it was so random and sporadic that I gave it up well before my last post in 2014. Then, I had a blog as an educator that was tied to the district I worked for, as well as my district Google account, so when I left that job in June I also left that blog behind.

Circling back, as I was drifting off to sleep last night my favorite scripture, Psalm 118:24, came to mind and I knew my blog had to connect to this verse. For these are the words I recite to myself when I need to rechannel my thoughts and attitude when having a bad day. These are the words I think of when something big lies ahead for my family. It is this verse I proclaim with joy when celebrating, and it is His word that reminds me that no matter what the day holds I will REJOICE and be GLAD that He has given me this day. So I hope you will join me on my new blogging adventure and I challenge you too to seek out the good in each and every day. Some days we may have to search harder than others to find the good in our day, but I know it’s there so let us rejoice in knowing that This Is the Day, everyday! This is the day